Facility management

We provide the general technical operation of condominiums, office buildings, industrial, commercial properties, whether new or already operating.
Our teams of engineers and technicians are ready to provide the following Facility Management activities:

  • Reducing running costs
  • Maintaining a property in order to increase its market value
  • Increasing quality in terms of a building’s usage
  • Reducing unoccupied space

Anticipated activities:

  • Technical Facility Management

    Maintaining the appropriate state of a property should be first on the priority list. Within the scope of preventive building maintenance we provide the regular technical revision of the facility, and the maintenance of light and heavy current equipment. In addition, maintenance of the building engineering equipment and building maintenance are also included.

  • Infrastructural Facility Management

    • Cleaning
    • Gardening
    • Security protection


Tibor Karsai
Managing Director

Phone: +36 1 434 2690

Email: karsai@rustler.eu