First class facility management in Budapest

We reduce running costs

Our facility management experts are reducing the running costs of your buildings through proper maintenance and supervision. Maintaining a building properly not only increases its market value, but also reduces running costs and long-term costs for necessary investments.

Optimize the tenant & workplace experience

Optimizing the workplace environment has become a necessity in modern facility management. High quality tenants require an optimized workplace experience to satisfy their staff’s wants and needs. This optimized tenant experience leads to higher tenant quality and therefore higher revenue.

Full transparency

Your property managers have full insight into our maintenance records and guidelines. Our automated facilities processes ensure punctual and reliable checkups. You can check the records of our work at any time.

Property Management

High quality, long-term tenants

We as professional property managers take good care of your tenants and ensure high tenant quality through careful tenant selection as well as professional communication. Rents are paid on time and the wear and tear of the building is reduced.

Legal issues are taken care of

We properly screen new tenants to avoid legal problems in advance. Even if legal issues rise up – we will handle them for you. Your asset management will be free to do what they do best: making decisions to increase your total revenue on your assets.

Increasing the buildings value

Increasing the value of buildings is the highest priority for our property managers. We are maximizing your ROI while increasing tenant quality and satisfaction. Through our deep knowledge in Facility Management we are able to reduce maintenance cost substantially. The value of your building will continuously increase.