Other Services

Technical due diligence

This process includes:

  • An overview of the functionality of the building and engineering systems
  • The correctness and completeness of the available technical documentation
  • Compliance of technical specifications of equipment with necessary standards
  • Potential risks and problems
  • Checking of contracts and agreements:
  • Complete due diligence report, including all necessary processed information in detail

Project management

We provide:

  • Tender organization
  • Reconstruction and repair works management
  • Fit-out works management
  • technical status report preparation
  • Consumption improvements
  • Building performance energy certificate preparation

Asset Management

Our services:

  • Administration of accounting, overseeing costs and the organizing legal matters and adjunct services
  • Administration of cash and non-cash operations
  • Tax optimization
  • Negotiation and running of financial projects
  • Recommendation as to the most appropriate insurance measures
  • Preparation of regular reports and statements
  • Preparation of an annual business plan
  • Commercial Buildings

    Office Building, Retail, Logistic Building

  • Workplace

    Support of Core-business in workplace area

  • Industry & Manufacturing

    Comfort & periphery area (non-production line)

  • Technical due diligence

  • Project management


Karsai Tibor
Managing Director

Phone: +36 1 434 2690

E-mail: karsai@rustler.eu

Karsai TiborManaging Director

Phone: +36 1 434 2690

E-mail: karsai@rustler.eu